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Get involved in my original project #732x244 and collect photographs of goals with me all over the world!

Every goal has its own personal style. This stands out best when its surroundings can also be seen in the photo, and I recommend taking photos from the front, horizontally, and from far enough away to capture the right atmosphere. Your contribution won’t appear in the gallery immediately. I first want to approve each one individually as I want to avoid spam and photos that have nothing to do with football.

I look forward to seeing your goals!


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Recently added goals

Club/place Stadion Stovky
City Frýdek-Místek
Country CZ
Uploaded by Tomáš Vaclík

My very first football pitch where I began my career

Club/place Szusza Ferenc Stadion
City Budapest
Country HU
Uploaded by Tomáš Vaclík

The Second qualification round in Europa League

Club/place Etihad Stadium
City Manchester City FC
Country GB
Uploaded by Tomáš Vaclík

Play-off match in UEFA Champions League against Manchester City

Club/place Marbella
City Marbella
Country ES
Uploaded by Tomáš Vaclík

Preseason with FC Basel in training centre in Marbella