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Get involved in my original project #732x244 and collect photographs of goals with me all over the world!

Every goal has its own personal style. This stands out best when its surroundings can also be seen in the photo, and I recommend taking photos from the front, horizontally, and from far enough away to capture the right atmosphere. Your contribution won’t appear in the gallery immediately. I first want to approve each one individually as I want to avoid spam and photos that have nothing to do with football.

I look forward to seeing your goals!


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Recently added goals

Club/place Standard Liège
City Lutych
Country BE
Uploaded by Tomáš Vaclík

The fifth group stage round in Europa League against Standard Liège

Club/place Real Madrid
City Madrid
Country ES
Uploaded by Dominik Vorlíček

Club/place Resistencia Sport Club
City Asunción
Country PY
Uploaded by Tribuna cubierta

Socio honorífico del club.

Club/place Slavoj Hloubětín
City Praha
Country CZ
Uploaded by Vojtěch Man

Slavoj Hloubětín v prosinci 2013, hřiště se už tehdy kvůli majetkovým sporům nevyužívalo... Jak vypadá dnes bohužel nevím. V pozadí je místní zámeček a stará hloubětínská zástavba, fotbal se zde údajně hrál už od roku 1897.

Club/place Lechia Gdansk
City Gdansk
Country PL
Uploaded by Tomáš Vaclík

International friendly match against Poland

Club/place Akhisar Belediyespor
City Akhisar
Country TR
Uploaded by Tomáš Vaclík

The fourth group stage round in Europa League against Akhisar Belediyespor